Terms and Conditions

Service Obligation
Dash Media Ltd will use reasonable endeavours to ensure a prompt and continuing service as described in the specification (“the Service”) but will not be liable for any loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, or service interruptions caused by circumstances beyond the direct control of Dash Media Ltd, or by errors or omissions of the Customer. Dash Media Ltd specifically excludes any condition of warranty as to the accuracy of third-party information received through the Service.

Any estimates made to dates and time of completion of the services, or any element of the services, are only business estimates and if completion is delayed, no liability direct, indirect, or otherwise will be held to the company.

Due to the responsive nature of websites and cross browser compatibility requirements, variations from the initial design document and the finished site may occur.

Dash Media Ltd will not be held liable for indirect, economic, or consequential loss whatsoever.

The liability of Dash Media Ltd in contract or in connection with the supply of the Service shall be limited in respect of any one event or a series of two or more connected events to the value of the domain name(s).

All fees paid are non-refundable and once registered, domain names cannot be changed in their name or extension without additional costs incurred to charges associated in the registration of a new name with the appropriate registry costs.

Breach of Terms and Conditions by customers shall lead to termination of Service with no entitlement to a refund.

Contract Of Service
All charges for Dash Media Ltd services are invoiced on an annual basis. If you have paid by debit or credit card,  or direct debit we may charge a payment for subsequent renewals to the card details held with our payment provider(s), we will always contact you 60 days prior of doing so. You can withdraw this authority at any time by letting us know in writing as per cancellation terms. Dash Media Ltd maintain all customer records and payment information on a secure encrypted server.

The contract period shall be for the whole term of fees paid by the Customer until the expiry of the period, which is one year from the date of registration.

Unlimited basic changes with our packages are permitted free of charge.

Dash Media Ltd may elect to suspend or terminate the Service immediately on any default of payment by the Customer.

From time to time parts of the Dash Media Ltd network may be taken offline for repair or routine maintenance.

Dash Media Ltd will endeavour to give as much notice as possible but will not be held liable for any unscheduled downfall in the Network due to extraneous conditions including but not limited to Act of God, inclement weather, act of telephone or Governmental organizations or power failure.

CMS and E-Commerce sites are sold with the expectation that clients will make amendments to these sites themselves. Due to this, changes to CMS and E-Commerce sites are chargeable based on the duration and complexity of the alterations required.

Term, Fair use policy, Renewals & Payments

When a client joins Dash Media Ltd they are allocated members of our team, including but not limited to a project manager, designer and/or developer. These team members dedicate “X” amount of hours for a project per week for twelve months. This allows Dash Media Ltd to allocate the client the resources they require whilst also being able to understand its own available resources at any one given time. We also create a dedicated hosting environment in their name, this is live the day they join. The website/app/design or other service is built here as well as set live there.

Most projects will be complete within an average of 3-6 months, however this is dependent on client cooperation and communication. To ensure projects do not hold resources longer than justifiably fair, any services or resources provided by Dash Media Ltd will expire after 12 months from the date joined, regardless of project status.

The cost of your renewal will be calculated by the resources you require, and the price will be a fair reflection of the services you need. This is negotiable but Dash Media Ltd cannot  fluctuate this through out the year.  Any resources reassigned and renewed are the only resources that will be in place for the next 12 months.

Renewal prices previously quoted in initial communication or proposals will only be applicable if the service/project is live and active. Once a project is live or handed over, it no longer requires a senior developer/designer and/or project manager, and quoted renewals will reflect this state. Should the service/project not be live or handed over, we must reassign the previous year’s resources and therefore the renewal price will reflect this, not the previously quoted amount in initial proposals.

Payments are required 60 – 90 (working) days prior to the expiry of your twelve month term. This is to allow for project/team/hosting allocation and any possible data/property transfers out to be complete. You will be contacted by either phone or email 60+ days prior. Failure to pay will result in a suspension of services at the end of your term.

To avoid unintentional loss of service, your services will be automatically renewed for a further 12 months should we not be informed of cancelation 60 days prior to expiry. The client will then be liable and subject to pay for the next 12 months’ renewal fee. 

Payment Terms

Due to Dash Media Ltd offering an unlimited service i.e. no restriction on concepts or revisions, our payment terms are for payment to be made in full upon registration. Alternatively, for larger/ longer term projects, we may agree a 50% deposit to be made upfront with the remaining balance to be paid either 30 days later or on the delivery of a visual design, whichever comes first. Any balances owed must be paid on or before the 30th day regardless of project stage, failure to make payment will result in immediate suspension of services.

Improper Use & Liabilities
The Customer shall acknowledge that he/she will only use the Service for lawful purposes. The Customer shall not use the Service to receive or transmit material, which is in violation of any law or regulation, which is obscene, threatening, menacing, offensive, defamatory, in breach of confidence, in breach of any intellectual property (including any trademark or Copyright). This extends to violations due to any spamming and/or bulk email activity for which Dash Media Ltd can and will follow up in the Courts of Law.

The Customer shall take reasonable precaution to prevent the reception and transmission of viruses to the Dash Media Ltd Network and beyond and shall not attempt any intentional and malicious damage to the Dash Media Network or use the Service to affect other computers.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to keep all usernames and passwords secure and not allow third party knowledge or access or to store them on any computer in plain text or in a format that is easily accessible.

The Customer will notify Dash Media Ltd immediately by telephone or e-mail in any event of a username or password becoming known to a third party.

The Customer hereby indemnifies Dash Media Ltd or its trading concerns against any action taken by a third party resulting from the Customer’s use of the Service.

The Customer shall notify Dash Media Ltd of any action taken against them by a third party and will not hold Dash Media Ltd liable for any resulting costs.

The Customer shall be responsible and liable for any costs to telephone companies by use of the Service from their point of connection.

The Customer acknowledges that Dash Media Ltd cannot exercise control over the content of information passed across the Internet and via the Service.

The Customer agrees to conform to the acceptable policies of connecting to other networks or computers across the Internet.

Sub-Lease/Re-Selling Restrictions
The Customer agrees not to re-assign, re-sell or transfer their account in any way without the proper procedures being followed as required by the appropriate domain name registry. Contravention shall lead to immediate termination of the Service to the Customer by Dash Media Ltd.

Client Obligation and Restrictions
As a client of Dash Media Ltd, it is requested that you are responsive to our queries and questions. Dash Media Ltd is best equipped to represent you when we are well informed. This included but is not limited to; change of circumstance, change of business name, change of contact details, should you cease trading or should you plan to cease trading.

Clients are hereby informed that all forms of abuse to our staff whether degradation, criticism, threats, profanities, racism, or discrimination will result in immediate termination of services with no entitlement to refund nor compensation.

Service Agreements

Custom service agreements can be drawn up but all service agreements are subject to our blanket terms and conditions.

Domain Transfers

Any domain transfers should be made in writing via email only and no refunds will be due for domain registrations.

Domain transfer requests – (provided all details are correct and procedures followed by the customer) will be carried out by Dash Media Ltd once all outstanding invoices/balances have been settled by the customer with Dash Media Ltd.

Domain Name transfers will only take place if the customer provides IPS tags within 28 days of initiating a transfer.

Once a domain name has been transferred to another Registrar, all services and accounts relating to that domain name are terminated. Dash Media Ltd take no responsibility for any issues with a domain name (or services related to it) after this time.

Pay Monthly via Direct Debit Terms

Dash Media Ltd use London Zurich and Smart Debit for our Direct Debit Payments.
The efficiency and security of the Scheme is monitored and protected by your own Bank or Building Society.

If the amounts to be paid or the payment dates change, Dash Media Ltd will notify you 3-5 working days in advance of your account being debited or as otherwise agreed.
Failure to pay any amount due on the Direct Debit payment date will result in efforts to collect on the next available collection date. Failure to pay any amount due under agreed terms for a period of more than 5 days, will result in a suspension of services until the amount due has been paid in full.

We may also implement your details being passed on to a Debt Recovery Agency for them to take recovery action where we feel applicable. Please note this action may affect your future credit rating.

Should your failure to pay continue for more than 5 days your usage will be suspended whilst we recover the amounts due under this agreement.
Failure to pay any amounts due under this agreement which we have been unable to recover will result in your details being passed on to a Debt Recovery Agency for them to take recovery action.

Please note this action may affect your future credit rating.

In cases where a Direct Debit and or pay monthly arrangement has been agreed, the following terms apply.

The terms of any Direct Debit and or pay monthly arrangement are agreed in advance of our commencement of service ie. the number of instalments and the total amount due. A Direct Debit and or pay monthly arrangement will remain in place until the full balance of the account has been cleared (usually 12 months unless stated otherwise or previous payments have been missed).

Should the amount collected change due to a change of their respective services or products, the 12 month term will restart.

Direct debit payments are taken on the 22nd each month.

If you cancel your Direct Debit and or pay monthly arrangement you are required to pay the remaining balance in full. In short any payment plans, deposits and or monthly arrangements are considered as contracts and the full amount remains payable to Dash Media Ltd.

Should your payment bounce dash media ltd hold reserve the right to demand full payment and impose a £25 bounce fee for each the administrative duties needed to collect said payment. We also impose the right to reattempt payment via direct debit or any saved payment method i.e debit/credit card saved with our partners at Stripe.

Unless 30 days notice is given renewals are automatically renewed for a further 12 months at the same rate as year one.

General Terms & Law
Dash Media Ltd reserves the right to do normal system housekeeping such as creating back-ups though do not accept responsibility for ensuring back up works.

If Dash Media Ltd suspects Illegal Activity, we may notify the authorities and reserve the right to do anything on the system which our lawyers advise us to do in the protection of the system.

This Agreement is governed by the laws of the United Kingdom, and you consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the Central London County Courts or the London High Court in all disputes arising out of or relating to your use of the Dash Media Ltd service.

You acknowledge that no joint venture, partnership, employment, or agency relationship exists between you and Dash Media Ltd as a result of your use of Dash Media Ltd. You agree not to hold yourself out as a representative, agent, or employee of Dash Media Ltd. You agree that Dash Media Ltd will not be liable by reason of any representation, act, or omission to act by you.

Each respective Registry (i.e. Nominet, InterNic etc…) will notify the legal registrant of the disputed domain(s) of their position and liaise with all parties in dispute as determined by their respective terms and conditions of service provision. Dash Media Ltd cannot enter into any direct involvement with the resolution of any dispute other than inform and relay to its client any information supplied by the appropriate Registry as we have no ultimate control over of any domain assigned by any Registry.

Dash Media Ltd under intellectual property and internet law reserves the right to cancel and/or remove services if a customer is found to be causing/writing anything that is factually untrue and is potentially damaging towards Dash Media Ltd, this includes but is not limited to, libel, slander, and defamation of character.

Intellectual Property Rights
All information, both text, and pictures supplied by the customer is copyrighted to the customer. All information, both text, and pictures supplied by Dash Media Ltd is copyright to Dash Media Ltd. We reserve the right to place our name in the footer of all websites that we produce.

If the customer cancels their subscription to Dash Media Ltd, or requests a transfer away from Dash Media Ltd, all information owned by the customer can be retained.

Any third-party software or plug-ins purchased by Dash Media Ltd for use on the customers’ website are licensed to Dash Media Ltd. These licenses are non-transferrable in the event of cancellation or transfer of website services.

Cancellation Policy
When customers join Dash Media Ltd you adhere and agree to the following terms should you wish to cancel.
If canceling after your onboarding/pre-design/pre-dev form, concept and or website have been delivered you will forfeit any costs already paid.

Should you wish to terminate our agreement/contract/services and/or transfer any thing held by dash, you will be required to sign a Separation Agreement. This will release each party from their obligation to the other. It will also instruct us as to where your assets (digital and/or physical) need sending to.

When transferring a domain name or files held by Dash Media this must be done with at least 30 days remaining in your 12 month term.

Complaint & Escalation Process
Dash Media Ltd takes complaints and customer dissatisfaction very seriously.

If you have a complaint to make about Dash Media Ltd or any of our staff members, please see our complaints procedure here.

Complaints are investigated thoroughly and confidentially, and you will be informed of our resulting decision in writing.

If you are unsatisfied by our decision, you are also able to make a formal complaint about a registrar to Nominet (the .uk registry) here: http://www.nominet.uk/resources/complaints.

Should you decide to leave Dash Media Ltd you may be asked to sign a separation agreement to amicably terminate our agreement and/or business relationship.

Email Migration
Email Migration is a Service in which Dash Media Ltd migrates the Customer’s email messages from one email client to another email client. Depending on the Customer’s current email client, Dash Media Ltd may also provide Mailbox Migration, in which Dash Media Ltd migrates the Customer’s case records such as e-mails, appointments and contacts as well. Though every precaution is taken to ensure that no issues, problems, or complications arrive from this migration, Dash Media Ltd will not be held liable for any and all problems that may arise during or after email migration takes place.

The fee of migration is equal to the amount of work required by the company and or an individual. Migration work can take 1 – 5 working days. Migration work must be carried out in full 14 days prior to renewal. 

Last Update : September 2023