About Us


Quite the team

Far from the corporate, shirt and tie wearing LinkedIn enthusiast image, we have curated a team of free-thinking individuals with a wide mix of talents but a unified ambition - to make amazing things happen.

Image of the outside of dash

From template To triumph

Reece and dan both came from the sausage factory of templated websites. They set up dash to break out of that machine and start offering customers more.

Nearly four years later, dash is going beyond bespoke websites by aligning our goals with our clients, elevating their presence through branding and wider online activity to be a levels that help clients achieve their goals.

We won awards

We appreciate and respect the credibility of awards and the people who organise the events.

We believe our credibility is best just from the diversity of our projects, our ability to customise our selves to solve your problems and our reviews. Plus most of these awards are bought - not these ones obviously, these are real.

North East Business Awards Winner
North East Business Awards Winner