How to Personalise your Content in 5 Quick Easy Steps

1. Tell a good story

Whether you’re a story teller or an active listener, people love a good story. Often our content contains a lot of information, to keep your content interesting, drop relevant examples or scenarios to keep your readers engaged

2: Ask rhetorical questions

Get your readers to think for themselves and essentially ‘close themselves’. Instead of telling them they need the product or service
you’re selling. Encourage them to ask you about your product/service by creating rhetorical questions.

For example, if you’re a window cleaning business, how much more engaging is ‘dirty windows? Thought so. Why else would you be here? Give us a call today’ than ‘Give us a call if you would like our window cleaning service to clean your windows today.”

3: Widen your vocabulary

No one says your content has to be as eloquent as Shakespeare’s but make the effort to include words people don’t always hear on a day to day basis. There’s great tools like an online thesaurus to find more exciting and alternatives words. Don’t over do it, as the saying we all know goes ‘less is more’

4: Include fascinating facts

People like to be entertained and to learn. It’s important to educate your readers and expand their knowledge whilst keeping them engaged. Write facts that you love. If you love the nuggets of wisdom you’re writing, your readers will love it too.

5 : Write like you talk

Just because you’re behind a computer, doesn’t mean you have to write in a different way then your usual. Be yourself, your business reflects you.