Dash Lite Terms and Conditions

At dash, we understand that every business, regardless of size, deserves a strong online presence. Introducing Dash lite.

A service crafted to provide bespoke websites that are custom designed/built and repurposed specifically for start-ups, small businesses, and small restrictive budgets.

Scope of Service:

1.1 Dash lite is a specialised service offered by Dash Media for the creation of bespoke websites tailored for start-ups and small businesses.

2. Pricing and Payment:

2.1 The total cost for Dash lite is £600 + VAT.

2.2 Clients have the option to pay a £350 +VAT deposit to initiate the service, with the remaining £350 + VAT due upon delivery.

3. Turnaround Time (Guidelines Only):

3.1 The turnaround time for Dash lite is 2-4 weeks.

3.2 The specified timeframe begins upon receipt of all necessary information from the client, including the completed form and the selection of the design/layout.

4. Project Management:

4.1 Each Dash lite project will be overseen by Operations, our dedicated project manager.

4.2 Operations will ensure smooth progress and maintain timely communication throughout the development process.

5.Support and Changes:

5.1 Operations will be the primary point of contact for all support and change requests related to Dash lite.

5.2 Dedicated support and changes will be addressed every Monday. Requests made during the week will be fulfilled on the following Monday. Changes only applicable to text, images, logo and colours

6. Free Basic Logo:

6.1 Dash lite includes the provision of one free basic logo. 6.2 Clients can choose from a selection of icons and text options to enhance their brand identity.

7. Creative Freedom:

7.1 Clients have the creative freedom to provide the text, images, and colour preferences aligning with their brand identity.

8. Basic Support Package:

8.1 Dash lite includes a basic support package covering tech assistance, error resolution, and email support.

9. Google-Friendly Solutions:

9.1 Dash lite ensures that websites created are Google-friendly, optimising online visibility.

10. Concise Website Structure:

10.1 Dash lite websites are designed with a maximum of 4-6 pages to effectively convey the client’s message.

11. Complimentary Hosting and Email Package:

11.1 Clients opting for Dash lite receive a 12-month hosting and email package at no additional cost. 11.2 This package includes support and basic changes for the duration of the hosting period.

12. Terms of Sale:

12.1 By engaging in Dash lite services, clients acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined herein.

12.2 Dash lite services are subject to the general terms and conditions of Dash Media, which can be provided upon request.

These terms are inclusive of and/or in conjunction to Dash Media’s Terms and Conditions – here

Terms Last Updated Feb 2024