5 Top Tips to Increase your Website’s Conversion Rate

So you wanna get more customers huh? Well let’s get some facts out the way first. According to Crazy Egg the average website’s conversion rate is around 2% (which doesn’t sound a lot, but it’s considered a pretty good conversion rate). Meaning for every 100 visitors you can expect to get 2 customers. So we can look at this in two ways, you either need to increase your site’s visibility and/or boost its conversion.

Let’s start with conversion…

1. Remove distractions

Have you ever been pulled in so many directions you just switch off? Yep, us too. So don’t be that gal or guy that causes your visitor the same headache.

Be sure your home or landing page is clear, concise and easy to navigate around. Less is more, so if it’s not vital to your site, get rid! Only stick with the ‘needs to knows’ and nothing else.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell what’s important and what is not, after all marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed, so use the tools available to you. We use various different data captivating programmes, such as Heat Maps, which literally pin points what is grabbing your users attention. It’s important to see what matters to your potential customers and what does not.

If you were never told in school, ‘you could do so much more…’  then you knew someone who was. The same goes for your web visitors, the less distracted they are, the higher the chances they’ll turn into customers!

2. Pop Ups

A Study by Sumo predicts that the average conversion rate for all pop-ups is 3.09%, however by doing it the right way, you can actually reach the top 10% of pop-ups which is an average 9.28% conversion rate.

How do you get close to the top 10%? We hear you ask!

Offers are a great way to increase your conversion rate. Now we all love a nice offer, but no-one likes to be spammed, so make things easy for your visitors, don’t create annoying pop ups that will chase people off your site instantly, make your pop ups easy to close and put a 30 second delay timer on so your visitors aren’t suddenly met with a promotional offer as soon as your website loads. Also be smart about it, set a cookie on your site so that your pop up only appears once per user.

3. Less is more

Don’t over complicate your site with multiple irrelevant forms and fields for each user to fill out, leave only the essential forms to accomplish your goal.

Find the right balance between getting the critical information whilst keeping fields to a minimum. If a field doesn’t play a crucial role, toss it in the trash!

4. Build Trust

No-one wants to be the first to do anything, it’s human nature and this is especially true when it comes to the world wide web. It’s important for your users to feel safe.

Start by displaying your existing customer reviews and feedback on your site and don’t stop there, display your accreditations. If you’re a tradesman, and you feature in a directory like ‘checka-trade’ or ‘trust a builder’, make it known on your site. Are you an e-com site using PayPal? Well, what are you waiting for? Get their logo on your site. For the hospitality folk; bars, restaurant and hotels, add your trip advisor logo, food hygiene rating or even any cuisine awards you’ve won on your site. Maybe you’re a design company that’s worked with various different established companies? Guess what we’re going to tell you to do! Having reviews and accreditations from trusted brands will give your visitors peace of mind.

5. Live chat

We can often be on the fence for many things and buying a product or service is one of them. Your users may have a question or a lingering doubt they need resolving before taking the final step. Live chat is perfect for the ‘on the fence’ users and a question answered there and then could be the difference between a visitor and a customer.


If you’ve tried and tested all the above, and you’re still looking for more customers, don’t worry, there are plenty more ways to boost your site’s conversion rate. If you’d like to speak with one of our team or to book a free consultation with a marketing specialist to talk through your options on conversion rates or site visibility simply send us an email or give us a call. We’re here to help!